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Project Hope

What is Project Hope?
A Relationship Violence education class for anyone who wishes to pursue an Affidavit of Non-Prosecution (i.e., drop charges) for a relationship violence-related crime. Attendance automatically makes an attendee a client of Hope’s Door New Beginning Center and able to receive our free services at any time.

Who attends a Project Hope class?
Project Hope, the combined efforts of Hope’s Door New Beginning Center and the Collin County DA’s office, is a class for victims of domestic-related assaults who have expressed to the Collin County DA that they would like to have the charges dropped and sign an Affidavit of Non-prosecution.  The Collin County DA requires these victims to attend a Project Hope class to receive a certificate of completion which must be shown to the DA as a condition of submitting the Affidavit of Non-prosecution.  Recently, Collin County has moved to evidence-based prosecution of these cases where the DA can choose to move forward with the prosecution of the case if there is evidence to warrant it—even if an Affidavit of Non-prosecution is signed and submitted by the victim.

What is taught in a Project Hope class?
HDNBC Services: Project Hope educates the participants on the free services provided by Hope’s Door New Beginning Center.  By coming to a Project Hope class, each participant automatically becomes a client of Hope’s Door New Beginning Center and is eligible to receive any of our free services.

Relationship Violence Education: Participants receive education on the definition and dynamics of Relationship Violence.  Topics in a Project Hope class include: statistics on the prevalence and gravity of DV, the definition of Relationship Violence, types of abuse, abuser tactics, the cycle of violence, red flags, effects on victims and their children, reasons abusers abuse, reasons victims stay and the importance of safety planning.

Legal Matters: Participants receive some general information about how the legal process works and what may be asked of them by the courts should the DA decide to move forward with the case.  In addition, they are given useful information regarding:

-Texas Crime Victim Rights
-Texas Crime Victim Compensation Program
-Protective Orders
-Divorce, Child Custody and Child Support in Texas
-Texas VINE System
-The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
-Immigration Option for Crime Victims

Register here for a Project Hope class

Project Hope class fees are $40 and are non-refundable. You may register and pay the non-refundable fee by filling out the form below.