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LGBTQ Services

Intimate partner and family violence is found in all parts of the community, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. At the core, intimate partner violence stems from the need of one individual to assert power and control over another individual.

Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community often face specific concerns within an abusive relationship. Hope’s Door offers free group and individual counseling services to individuals in the LGBT community who are affected by intimate partner and family violence.

Some of these concerns might include:

  • Lack of services that are culturally informed and available for individuals of the LGBT community
  • Fear of encountering societal anti-LGBT bias
  • Past experiences of anti-LGBT bias
  • Threats by an abusive partner to “out” an individual, to family, friends, and colleagues
  • Fear that a negative individual situation may be projected onto the LGBT community as a whole, thus detracting from the progress toward equality, or fueling continuing anti-LGBT bias
  • Law enforcement may conclude the fighting is mutual, overlooking the context that there is a batterer and a victim versus two aggressors
  • Fear of having one’s children taken away due to reporting abuse

Hope’s Door is a resource for individuals identifying as LGBTQ, experiencing intimate partner or family violence through our prevention and intervention programs, counseling, and shelter.

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