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Intimate Partner and Family Violence

What is Intimate Partner and Family Violence?

Intimate partner and family violence is a pattern of behavior used to gain power and control over an intimate partner or family member. Intimate partner and family violence can happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, education, religion, disability status, or sexual orientation and affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. It can happen within any type of intimate partner or family relationship – married, cohabiting, or dating couples, child abuse, incest, etc.

Abuse can take many forms and often escalates over time.

Forms of abuse include:

  • Verbal (criticizing, name-calling, insulting your beliefs, race, religion, etc.)
  • Economic (controlling finances, refusing to work, keeps you from working, etc.)
  • Psychological (threats of violence, isolation from family and friends, accusations of infidelity, etc.)
  • Emotional (continuous degradation, intimidation, manipulation, insulting, threats, etc.)
  • Sexual (rape, using force or manipulation to make a person have sex, forced prostitution, etc