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Counseling Services

FrontHope’s Door New Beginning Center offers free group and individual counseling services to individuals who are affected by intimate partner and family violence.

Age appropriate counseling and play therapy services are also available for children.

All counseling services are provided by licensed professional counselors or licensed social workers. Counseling services are also provided by Master level interns as well as LMFT-Associates (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and LPC-Interns (Licensed Professional Counselor). Group counseling sessions are offered weekly and individual sessions are offered by appointment only.

Working with the expert therapists at the Outreach and Counseling Centers, individuals come to understand the impact of abuse in their lives and develop new coping skills that allow them to function better in their daily lives.

Children’s Program

The purpose of Hope’s Door New Beginning Center’s children’s services is to support children and adolescents healing from intimate partner and family violence. Children’s reactions are varied and can range from the absence of noticeable trauma symptoms to severe adjustment disorders. The impact of abuse varies according to factors such as age, gender, support, and stage of development.

Intervention is one of the most important factors in the healing process of children after abuse has occurred.

Counseling provides hope for a positive and successful future. A variety of treatment methods are used at Hope’s Door New Beginning Center based on each child’s emotional, psychological, and developmental needs, including:

  • Play Therapy
  • Activity/Talk Therapy
  • Group Support

Some of the children we serve are residing in the agency’s Shelters with their mom; however, most receive services at the Outreach and Counseling Centers. These children have either seen abuse first-hand, or have been victims of abuse themselves.